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Data protection is a fundamental right in Germany and an obligation for companies. The DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung or General Data Protection Regulation) determines how authorities and companies in the EU handle and protect personal data. If 20 plus people in a company handle sensitive data a data protection officer needs to be involved.

The problem

Data protection can be very cost-intensive, especially when companies use permanent data protection employees. Another issue with data protection is that people have different opinions about it which gives it a rather ambiguous reputation.

The goal

The primary goal was to design a web presence that gives the user easy-to-understand information about the topic, make the information quickly and effortlessly accessible and create an engaging and fun experience.

My role

I worked on the project as the UI/UX designer with Andreas Siljuk who was responsible for the implementation in Webflow.


IT-Couch UG

Visit the website


Interviews and competitive audit

I interviewed the founders of Extrinsus to get a deeper understanding of the subject matter and get insights about their intentions, experience, target audience and values.

Comparing competitors’ websites helped me analyse their strengths and weaknesses and find gaps and opportunities that needed to be addressed in my design. Here are some of the issues I noticed with similar websites.

*confusing navigation

*no clear structure

*poor usability

*visually overwhelming

*lack of consistency

*no clear/too many CTAs

Final designs

The information I gathered during research and interviews informed early sketches of the layout. In an iterative process and in close collaboration with the founders I translated my ideas from ideation into high-fidelity prototypes and eventually into final designs.

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