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UI, Wireframes, User Flows, Site Maps, Heuristic Review, Competitive Review, Logo Update


The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a renowned institution that brings the wonders of nature, science, and technology closer to people of all ages. Its focus on advance and education is the most prominent fact that gives the Perot its distinct identity and distinguishes it from competitors. With more than 1 Million visitors only in the first year after its opening, the Perot became one of the local attractions.


The Perot’s mission is to “inspire minds through nature and science” and clearly mirrored in the architectural uniqueness of the building. Regrettably, this vision is neither present on the website nor reflected in the logo. The idea behind a website redesign is to promote the wish of the Perot to inspire, generate curiosity, and actively engage the visitor.

Focus of the redesign was a complete revision of the landing page. The new homepage has an inviting, structured, clean look that will be easy to approach and understand and lead to desired menu points with only a few mouse clicks. What earns a big part of the Perot’s profit are its outstanding exhibitions. To draw the visitors’ attention to what’s on display, the landing page as well as the complete website will be a virtual exhibit and an experience where visitors can quickly find what they look for and explore beyond that. Compelling imagery introduces the visitor to what the museum has to offer and attract an inclusive and diverse target audience.

Pain Points

Website is too busy and not user-friendly

Logo is outdated

Lack of consistency of visual language

Lack of credibility


Educational content is reorganized, prioritized, more accessible

Interactive content invites to engage and explore

Consistency of visual aesthetic conveys credibility

process and visual language

competitive review

heuristics and wireframes

site maps


Learn and have fun. The Perot is a place of learning, fun, and interaction. The redesign extends this vital experience to the website. With interactive buttons, educational content is easy to access and fun. Press the button and learn fun facts about a dinosaur.

Photography is not mine but courtesy of the respective owners.

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