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Layout, Typography, Binding/Packaging, Illustration


Have you ever been to a city for business or leisure and had no idea what places to visit? I definitely have and that is where the idea for this book came from. I designed and created it as part of an entrepreneurial project. It is meant to be a pocket-sized guide to help travelers become familiar with their new surroundings, especially the cooles places in town. It beautifully illustrates the hottest spots while also giving information about those locations.

The book shown here is an example guide for the City of Hamburg. It contains 8 illustrated postcards that, thanks to a perforated edge, can be torn out and sent to family and/or friends. The information page including a smaller version of the illustration remains in the book. The traveler can also make a note of who the card was sent to on it. The wrapping paper for the book is a big map of the city with little markers that indicate the 9 must-see places. Usable as a souvenir, a handy source of information, or a shareable experience, this book is a must have for every traveler.


The common travel guide is usually very pragmatic with its only point of existence being to give information and not to be aesthetically pleasing. It was important to me that the postcard book combines practicality with beauty not only because I am a designer but because I believe that lovely visuals make information more memorable and digestible while enhancing the experience of travel.

To find a visual language that I thought was perfect for the book, I looked at different examples of illustration styles, how postcards can be combined and/or collected, what color palette and fonts would be appropriate, and I researched book binding methods.

visual language

After extensive research, I decided for a hand drawn aesthetic for the illustrations, an energetic and fun color palette and typography that combines modern with vintage.

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