ProdecoTech · Rebranding Concept

identity design


Brand Identity, UI


ProdecoTech is an electric bike distributor. What distinguishes them from other ebike companies is that they import individual bike parts from highest-quality producers around the world and assemble and sell the completed ebikes in the US.

The rebranding campaign aims at putting the company in a more competitive position next to renowned market players like Pedego and X-Treme. The focus of the concept is to change the widespread negative perception of electric bikes among a younger target audience and boost sales.


To determine a strategy I performed a competitive review and extensive research into the ebike culture and the stereotypical thinking about electric bikes. Research insights suggest that a change of the visual language and marketing efforts is necessary. The following deliverables are the cornerstones of the concept:

update of brand identity _ installation of pop-up shops _ introduction of a mobile app


Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that allow for cost-efficient marketing. The shop can be designed and customized by the company. It offers the possibility to introduce their products to a desired and/or target audience since the environment can be controlled by the company. Additionally, the shopping experience is a fun alternative to brick and mortar stores.

Print marketing like posters help promote the pop-up store and should be placed in heavily frequented areas to increase the reach a broad audience.

Print material inside and outside the pop-up store enable people who purposefully visit the store but also bypassers to gather information about the company and its products.

The introduction of a mobile app would facilitate a seamless and fun ebike experience. The app is designed to give the user all necessary information about their bike, including information (and push notifications) about battery status, technical details, the possibility to report errors, and customizable routes of various degrees of difficulty.

Photography is not mine but courtesy of the respective owners.

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