USA.Gov · Digital Passport App



UI, User Research, Information Architecture, Personas, Wireframes


In today’s highly technological and digital world everything runs at a fast pace.
You read fast, you walk fast, you order fast, you eat fast. But then, why don’t you travel fast?
Long lines at airports are a familiar and disliked phenomenon to almost every traveller.
Digital boarding passes and self-service terminals have become very common at most
airports but still, air travel is far from being a fast and efficient experience.


The digital passport app is best understood as an extension of the services of
the US government’s web presence. The app is designed to make air travel faster and more
convenient. By utilizing digital technology, such as biometric data or a digital version of
the passport, it aims at speeding up processes like customs control or simply boarding
a plane. The traveler can access documents and travel history in one secure place.

the app provides

o digitized documents like passport, visa etc.

o higher security factor with fingerprint access only

o detailed travel history

o permanent resident status, tracking, renewal

o interactive translator, interpreter

o easy way finding to customs/border control etc.



Market analysis _ Competitive review _ Personas _ User journey


Creating low-fidelity wireframes helped to visualize usability insights and a rough concept. Due to the amount of data that needed to be included in the app, a well structured and organized application was needed to enable a seamless and pleasant user experience.

the passport

Store all your biometric data in the app, login with your unique fingerprint, and have your passport available for scanning and identification wherever you need it in just two clicks.

travel documents and history

Access all documents you need for your journey as well as your travel history in one application. Find the hotels you stayed at, the flight numbers of flights you travelled on or what documents you used to enter a country you visited.

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