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Brand Identity, UI


The Lucky Dog Barkery is a small boutique specialized in holistic dog food and treats, stylish dog supplies and fashion located in Dallas, Texas. The owners of the store place much importance on high-quality products and knowing where the ingredients come from.

While their products are advertised for their great quality and wholesomeness, this point of emphasis is not reflected in the store’s visual language. One pain point is that the current logo is outdated and doesn’t comply with the store’s focus on quality. A second major pain point is the website. It doesn’t offer much to the (potential) customer. It is not user-friendly, it is not appealing and not functional in terms of online shopping.


To match the new visual language to the vision of the owners, I needed to give the store a more sophisticated appearance. A cleaner and more simplified look will not only be more appealing and inviting to (potential) customers, it will also promote the natural aspect as well as the high quality of the products. 


A web presence is one of the most important marketing tools a store can have. It allows for online shopping around the clock and can reach more customers. The Lucky Dog Barkery website serves solely to provide the customer with limited information about the store and is rather confusing in terms of navigation and how the information are presented. The customer has no opportunity to buy products nor to see prices or availability. This in turn limits opportunities for the store to make sales.

The new concept introduces a website that includes an online store as well as an app that customers can download and use to shop wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. The store can, therefore, reach a larger number of customers and a more diverse audience to boost sales. It can also help create seamless shopping experience by setting up repeat orders or just save products favored by the customer.


Print assets like posters, flyers, and/or other merchandise offer additional opportunities to promote the store and market their products. Fun visuals and headlines that provoke curiosity draw the attention of people and can lead to an increase in customer numbers.

Photography is not mine but courtesy of the respective owners. Those are Sergio Souza, Pauline Loroy, Josephine Menge, and Flouffy amongst others.

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