USC · Website Redesign

Unlimited Sports Club is a small fitness studio located in Celle, Germany. They offer a wide variety of courses including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, luta livre, and much more. Their fitness and boxing classes are geared for professional boxers as well as beginners and people who occasionally train or want to improve their overall health.

The problem

The old website was outdated, visually unappealing, and not intuitive. The range of available courses and services was not immediately obvious to the users, information about courses, the team, and the gym was lacking or scattered all over the website.

The goal

Design an engaging website that would attract users of all fitness levels, make information quickly and easily accessible, and emphasise the experience and know-how of the USC staff.

My role

I worked on the project as the UI/UX designer with Andreas Siljuk who was responsible for the implementation in Webflow.


IT-Couch UG

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Research & ideation

Understanding who I am designing for

To understand who the audience is USC wants to address I conducted interviews with the owners of the club. I learned that their product targets people of all fitness levels and ages. Researching the target group helped me understand their motivations, needs and frustrations and reveal opportunities that guided the design process.


The insights from my interviews and research informed early designs. Sketching ideas in the form of wireframes allowed me to visualise the basic layout of the website, the generell structure and user flow. In close collaboration with the client the basic framework was continuously refined and adjusted to address user needs.

Final designs

After several rounds of feedback and adjustments I started to transfer the layout to the final designs. In consultation with the developer I decided to include some subtle animations to evoke movements that occur during boxing. I chose imagery that appeals to a broad audience, descriptive headlines and options to explore the site and take action throughout the website.

After the website was launched the client shared with us that they were able to acquire 30 new customers in less than one month.

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